Melside Window Cleaning

After 20 years cleaning windows we know how to make your home truly shine.

Melside Window Cleaning

After 20 years cleaning windows we know how to make your business truly shine.

Melside Window Cleaning

After 20 years cleaning windows we know how to make your home truly shine.


You work hard and you deserve to come home and relax with the people that you love.

At Melside Window Cleaning we know that to enjoy your home means enjoying the space that you have created and that is what we create. Consider when you are sitting in your home and you look around and how much clear windows add to your experience. They give you back the space that you have created.

That is what we focus on, giving you space to enjoy and we do it with a full understand that this is your space and your home. Over many years we have focused on being reliable and trustworthy tradespeople that our clients are proud to have in their homes. That’s why we have built a group of clients who we have worked for for many years which you can see from the reviews that we get every week raving about the quality of service and support from Melside Window Cleaning.



Your home is an important center of your life. It’s the space that brings together family, friends and of course you. It should be space that gives you comfort and pride. Sparkling clean windows bring more to your home and enhance the view that you experience.

Melside are trusted professionals who know how important your home is; we don’t just bring you the cleanest windows, but we value you as a client and your trust in us and our team. That’s why we have so many positive reviews on Google and it’s why we can help make your home sparkle again.


 When it comes to Commercial Cleaning you don’t just need a few blokes with buckets, soapy water and squiggys. You need professionals with over 10 years experience working with Builders and Commercial Cleaners to give you the result that you really need.

From Builders cleans to Schools and other major commercial window cleaning Melside have worked with professionals like you and are the team of professionals that you can trust.


You’ve just had your home or new extension completed and you want the windows to shine the way your new home does.

You need professionals that you can trust, that have been making windows sparkle for over ten years and have pages full of reviews on Google to prove it. Yes you can find someone to do the job cheaper but you can’t find somoene to trust with your new home more than Melside Window Cleaners. 



Do you provide quotes?

Yes. No charge. No obligation.

To get a quote, do you have to see the job in person?

Ideally, yes.  However often we can look at the property online and provide an approximate price range.

What is the usual price to clean the windows of a house?

This can vary a lot.  But a normal 3 bedroom, 2 storey, (inside and out) would have an average cost in between $180 and $250. 

Do you clean the insides of the windows?

Yes, usually. Unless you want just the outsides cleaned.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes.  If required we do house façade cleaning, gutter cleaning and/or pressure washing.

Which areas do you service?

We are based in Glen Iris, however we will service most anywhere in Melbourne (depending on the size and scope of the job in question).

How long have you been in business?

Over 20 years (in the same area).

Is the work done by a large team of people?

For domestic jobs, usually one person does the whole job.  Sometimes two persons.

How long does it take to clean my windows?

For a normal 3 bedroom house, 2-3 hours average (inside and out).

What do you use to clean the windows?

Generally, we use a mild bio-degradable detergent with water to loosen stains, and a soft rubber squeegee to remove the soap and leave your glass sparkling clean.

Can you clean high windows?

Yes.  We have a height capability of 4-5 storeys.

Are you insured?

Yes.  We have full public liability and products liability.

How much notice do you need to book in a window clean?

This varies a lot.  Sometimes we can do the work same or next day.  Usually, the lead-time is a couple weeks.  Before Christmas, 1-1 ½  months is best.

Do you work on the weekends?

Yes, on Saturdays.

Just had my windows cleaned for the first time @ my apartment in St Kilda. Great service, very polite, punctual and all at a great price. Would highly recommend MELSIDE WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE!

Rose Schrey

Great window cleaning by Melside Window Cleaning. I am very impressed by the service and the friendly staff who went about their job swiftly and perfectly. Thank you for an awesome job. I will be using their services again, so I do recommend them.

Helem Reizer

Melside Window Cleaning is amazing. I’ve a huge house with for too many windows… and our home has been transformed. I’m doing this a couple time a year.

Doug Hawkins

Melside Window Cleaning have just been and cleaned my windows again for me. As usual an excellent job. It is so nice to have your windows professionally cleaned. Why would you bother yourself? Do yourself a favour.

Kay Russo

Melside cleaning were excellent…….thoroughly recommend…

Cameron Foo

Melside Window Cleaning were exceptionally professional. The quality of service was outstanding and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend using Melside Window Cleaning.

Megan Bates

Melside are an excellent window cleaning company. Reliable, courteous and a first class job. Highly recommend

Glen Cullity

Prompt service and a great job at a reasonable price.

Christine Tsolakkis